A trajectory marked by perseverance



In 2017 Maidan Holding acquires all the shares of the company Eliminalia, valued at 4,900,000 euros. Eliminalia is a company created in 2013 and has a client portfolio of over 5,000 clients (individuals and companies).


InterEco, the first European clinic, was established in Ukraine. It has doctors and nurses with over 30 years of professional experience.


Headquarters in Kiev

Maidan Holding establishes its headquarters in Ukraine, in the city of Kiev, generating over 60 jobs in its different business areas.

Se incorporan a Maidan Holding las siguientes empresas: World Reputation; Empresa especializada en campañas electorales, así como al monitoreo de reputación online y generación de contenidos. World Intelligence; Empresa de softwares para gobiernos y centros de intelligencia. 



We welcome Comunícate.io, a communications agency of international media.

Iris Clinic

Iris Clinic is preparing for its opening for September 2020. Iris Clinic hopes to be an internationally renowned franchise of aesthetic clinics.


Legalia has a team of professional lawyers with over 40 years’ experience in their respective areas.

Legalia started its activities in the city of Kiev (Ukraine), providing integral legal consulting for foreign people who recently arrived at the country: residence permit, ID cards, visas, registration of residency, opening of bank accounts, apostilling of documents and other legal services related to administrative processes.

International Expansion

Beginning of the internationalization of the companies in Russia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Ukraine.



TransferPay, we begin administrative regulations with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) of United Kingdom. TransferPay is a Fintech that allows individuals and companies to open bank accounts from their computer or mobile phone easily and quickly. The service will be available for users residing Europe and United Kingdom.