World Intelligence

Strategic intelligence centers

The best technological tools focused on the different research areas and governmental security

Deep packet

Protect your network. Encrypted traffic (DPI-SSL) of SSL/TLS deep packet inspection.

Child porn detected

System for the detection and tracking of child pornography published on the Internet.

Asset recovery

Recovery of dormant assets, repatriation of goods to the country of origin, legal evidence on assets and money located.

Intelligence systems and software

World Intelligence was founded aimed at offering intelligence systems and Software which could be used to protect citizens from any country.

Protect your network against encrypted threats with the deep packet inspection.

Technological tools
Specialised professionals
Intelligence centers
Artificial intelligence



World Intelligence was born, software business for governments and intelligence centers.



Beginning of the internationalization of the companies in Russia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Ukraine.

World Reputation

Monitoring and generation of positive content


Elimination of harmful content in the Internet

Certified Email

Content certification