Certified Email

Guaranteed emails

Certified email is the best option to guarantee legal certainty in your electronic communication.

Certified email is the best option to guarantee legal certainty in your electronic communication

Certified Email is a company specialised in electronic certification of electronic mails, also known as certified Email or certified electronic email.

The main feature of Certified Email is that the mail is registered from the moment you send it from our platform, until the addressee receives it, and under our protection during all the process with legal proof.

Notification of Meetings

Demanding Payment of Debts

Communication between lessors/lessees

Notification of Working Hours to Staff

Certified Invoice Delivery

Request for Deregistration from a Company

Notification of Registration in the Debtors File

The best option to guarantee the security of your electronic communications

World Reputation

Monitoring and generation of positive content

World Intelligence

IT intelligence for governments


Elimination of harmful content in the Internet