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We promote local, national and international business culture to protect, motivate and favor the search of new and emerging business ideas.

We bet on those who believe in their possibilities

Sánchez foundation was born from the experience of its founder and president, Dídac Sánchez, when starting a business only at the age of 18, with no experience and a complete lack of resources. The beginning is never easy when your only experience is the trust in yourself, your energy.

Nowadays, Dídac Sánchez´s businesses are leaders in their respective industries, they are profitable and placed at the top. However, it was not always like this. Like in most cases, there was a beginning and it was not easy. For this reason, Dídac Sánchez founded Sánchez Foundation, aimed at helping young entrepreneurs, who like him, have little experience and few resources as well as at business buyers and second chance entrepreneurs, who start businesses in a country that does not encourage entrepreneurship, the dangerous “sport” of being a business owner. Sánchez Foundation brings together business owners wanting to support in multiple ways these young entrepreneurs and help them achieve their goal, which is the same as everybody else’s: having our country become a global reference in the business world.



The Dídac Sánchez foundation is a private non-profit foundation, aimed at helping young entrepreneurs.



The Fundación Mundo Ciudad, which promotes business actions of a strategic nature, especially focused on encouraging Corporate Social Responsibility, presents Dídac Sánchez with the Award for Young Entrepreneurial Talent – “Palmarés Empresa Social” 2016

Our Aims

Building a Meeting Point for nowadays´ young entrepreneurs, organizing awards for young entrepreneur ideas, fostering and participating in activities that promote initiatives for the creation of businesses and business spirit, developing activities to promote current business culture among young people, publishing brochures and books, making public the achievements of other young entrepreneurs, promoting agreements and/or partnerships with private-public entities, investigating about current issues and/or possibilities for improvement in business culture and among young people, promoting the development of new technologies in business cultural production.

Social Exclusion

Support for underprivileged children in situation of poverty

Respect control

We erase negative content for sport clubs