a story about the truth

Discover how Maidan Holding built its portfolio of successful companies throughout the world.

”Responsibilities are not given, they are taken”

From humble origins. Dídac Sánchez was born at barrio del Raval in Barcelona in a dysfunctional family. After the Generalitat (Government of Catalonia) terminated the guardianship of his parents´ children when Dídac Sánchez was 13 years old, he lived for over four years in a children’s shelter with his two sisters. His mother and one of his sisters suffer from a severe mental health disability and his father was in long-term unemployment.

In this complex social context, with no formal education and trusting only in his entrepreneurial perseverance, Dídac Sánchez left aged 18 the shelter and started working as a messenger, making photocopies, repairing computers and creating web paged in the evenings and weekends. He also worked at an insurance company.

The Beginning

Thanks to a 300 hour length online course on applying data protection law in companies financed by the insurance company he worked at as an intern, Dídac Sánchez requested a 2,000 euros loan to the company Cofidis, Dídac Sánchez began, together with his savings, what would be his first entrepreneurial venture: a marketing and communication agency.

The Secret for successful entrepreneurship is the ability of people to innovate.

Afterwards he created another company, a data protection consultancy, which ended up having a franchised legal network with over 200 lawyers in 80 Spanish cities. After this company other transversal projects have followed in other industries to generate synergies within his corporate group. This way in a short timeframe and at the age of 25, Dídac Sánchez became a paradigm among young entrepreneurs.