Ethical Code

Our values and principles

The Ethical Code is our biggest reference document

The Ethical Code is our biggest reference document between us and our business relations with people or institutions outside the organization.


Decisions are made following objective criteria, without getting carried away by the influence of other opinions, prejudices or reasons that in one way or another are characterized by being inappropriate.


We act correctly, because we manage responsibly and transparently the resources we are given and show utmost respect for someone else’s assets (material honesty) because we clearly state what we think and believe (intellectual honesty) and because we adhere to the company’s regulations and principles, having always in mind the consequences of our acts (moral honesty).


We preserve and care for the collaborators’ information, according to data protection criteria and confidentiality, in accordance with the purpose it was gathered for. We use the information we have access to responsibly and legitimately, maintaining confidentiality at all times so that it will not be used, revealed or transmitted in any form, even after the work relation has ended.


This Ethical Code is compulsory for all the staff providing its services in any of the companies of Maidan Holding independently of their hierarchy level, including executives, consultants, shareholders and the members of its governing bodies. Moreover, it applies to external advisors or service providers who have a commercial relation with any of the Group’s companies.


Contributing with individual and work actions to promote, respect, protect and guarantee human rights, equality and non-discrimination; access to information and personal data protections, strengthening Maidan Holding´s internal and external image. By signing the Code, you commit to fulfil and enforce the Code´s regulations during your management and report any violation you become aware of. 


It is the responsibility of all of us who collaborate in the company to efficiently and responsibly use human, financial and material resources to perform our duties, under the guidelines for saving, transparency, honesty and adhering to Maidan Holding´s policies.